In The Footsteps of Li Yuan-chia & Delia Derbyshire.

Collaborative performance by Madelon Hooykaas (visual artist/ filmmaker) & Caro C (composer/sound artist). 6th March 2019 at Manchester Art Gallery. 

Part of the exhibition: Speech Acts: Reflection- Imagination-Repetition

Performance premiered on Wed 6th March 2019 at 7 pm as part of LYC symposium March 6-7 2019 at Manchester Art Gallery.

A collaborative performance by Madelon Hooykaas (moving image with live drawing & voice) and Caro C (live sound & music; piano, voice and electronics). 

Q&A hosted by Dr David Butler (University of Manchester, Senior Lecturer in Drama and Screen Studies and lead researcher of Delia Derbyshire Archive).

This commission supported by the LYC Foundation.