“When I was twenty-four I lived and worked at the LYC for six months and remained friends with Li until he died … When the last visitor had gone, we would cook at 6pm. I had never been interested in cooking but I learnt Li’s simple technique of cooking a whole meal in one pan. We would each have our own separate pan (Li like a lot of salt, I didn’t!). And then we would just eat out of our pan – it saved washing dishes! One night Li looked at me, laughing, and said, “Ah, we are medieval people!”…..
Peter Clark, carpenter

Histories – Get Involved

We are in the process of collecting memories and reminiscences of Li Yuan-chia’s life and his work. If you knew Li, in China, Taiwan, Italy or Great Britain, if you saw an exhibition of his work, if you are an artist who exhibited at the LYC Museum and Art Gallery, if you were a regular visitor to the LYC Museum, or a passerby who came across it during a walk along Hadrian’s Wall – we would love to hear from you, so please send us an email.

Extending a project we began with the publication Li Yuan-chia: Tell me what is not yet said, we are building up an archive of personal memories of Li, for future scholars and for anyone interested (see example below). Any contribution you can make – however short – will be greatly appreciated (we know how difficult it is to write!). We will post a selection of these memories occasionally on our website, if you as author agree.

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