From China to Taiwan : The pioneers of abstraction (1955-1985)

Museum of Ixelles, Rue Jean Van Volsem 71, B – 1050 Brussels

15th June – 24th September 2017

Opening Reception: Wednesday June 14, 6:30 – 9pm

This new exhibition traces the origins and evolution of Chinese abstract painting as it unfolds during the second half of the twentieth century.

More than a culmination of a singular aesthetic, this exhibition also tells the epic story of the Chinese artists forced to leave their native country to find refuge in Taiwan in 1949.

In this new world, artists discovered a fascination for Western abstract art. Abstraction then became a means of embracing international modernity and deep-rooted expression. At a crossroads between East and West, they invented an unparalleled art form that led to a revival of Chinese painting in the 20th century.

In collaboration with various museums, artists and collectors, eighty exceptional works from Europe and Asia have been brought together for the first time in Europe to form a consummate exhibition.