About the LYC Foundation

Trustees of the Li Yuan-chia Foundation

The founder of the LYC Foundation was Guy Brett (1942-2021), a London-based art critic, curator and lecturer on art. He was a close friend of Li’s for over thirty years. In 2000, he curated the first major exhibition of Li Yuan-chia, held at the Camden Arts Centre in London, Abbot Hall Art Gallery and Museum in Kendal and Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels. With Nick Sawyer, he also co-wrote the accompanying catalogue, Li Yuan-chia: tell me what is not yet said (InIVA, London, 2001). In 2014, Brett and Sawyer were the UK co-curators of exhibition Viewpoint: A Retrospective of Li Yuan-chia in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan. The Foundation continues to be cared for by:

Bruce Haines (http://brucehaines.com) is a gallery owner and researcher. His gallery Bruce Haines, Mayfair (née Ancient and Modern), was a London gallery specialising in contemporary art, active for ten years 2006-2016, regularly exhibiting at Frieze London and New York, Liste Basel, Art Cologne, Armory New York. He continues to work with artists, while writing a PhD funded by TECHNE at Kingston University. Bruce was the exhibition organiser at inIVA for the Li Yuan-chia touring exhibition ‘Tell Me What Is Not Yet Said’ at Camden Arts Centre curated by Guy Brett, in 2001.

Aliza Lan is a researcher, journalist and expert in art by Taiwan artists, and the wider diaspora, alongside auction house and commercial contexts.

Diana Yeh (http://www.city.ac.uk/people/academics/diana-yeh) is a Lecturer in Sociology, Culture and the Creative Industries at City, University of London. She has undertaken several years of fieldwork on Li Yuan-chia, tracing his life and artistic work from London, Cumbria, Bologna and Taipei to Guangxi. Her essays on Li are published in China Fictions/English Language: Essays in Diaspora, Memory, Story (Rodopi: 2008); The Reception of Chinese Art across Cultures (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014); and Viewpoint: A Retrospective of Li Yuan Chia (Taipei Fine Arts Museum 2015). She is also currently writing a book arising from her research on Li and other Chinese diaspora artists in the UK. diana.yeh@city.ac.uk