About the LYC Foundation

Trustees of the Li Yuan-chia Foundation

Guy Brett is a London-based art critic, curator and lecturer on art. He was a close friend of Li’s for over thirty years. In 2000, he curated the first major exhibition of Li Yuan-chia, held at the Camden Arts Centre in London, Abbot Hall Art Gallery and Museum in Kendal and Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels. With Nick Sawyer, he also co-wrote the accompanying catalogue, Li Yuan-chia: tell me what is not yet said (InIVA, London, 2001). In 2014, Brett and Sawyer were the UK co-curators of exhibition Viewpoint: A Retrospective of Li Yuan-chia in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan.

Bruce Haines (http://brucehaines.com) runs Bruce Haines, Mayfair (formerly Ancient and Modern), a London gallery specialising in contemporary art. He represents around 20 artists and one estate, and regularly exhibits at Frieze London and New York, Liste Basel, Art Cologne, Armory New York. Bruce was project curator at Camden Arts Centre during the Li Yuan-chia exhibition in 2000.

Diana Yeh (http://www.city.ac.uk/people/academics/diana-yeh) is a Lecturer in Sociology, Culture and the Creative Industries at City, University of London. She has undertaken several years of fieldwork on Li Yuan-chia, tracing his life and artistic work from London, Cumbria, Bologna and Taipei to Guangxi. Her essays on Li are published in China Fictions/English Language: Essays in Diaspora, Memory, Story (Rodopi: 2008); The Reception of Chinese Art across Cultures (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014); and Viewpoint: A Retrospective of Li Yuan Chia (Taipei Fine Arts Museum 2015). She is also currently writing a book arising from her research on Li and other Chinese diaspora artists in the UK. diana.yeh@city.ac.uk