Artist’s Editions

Boxed set of 20 prints, Li Yuan-chia. Bologna. 1966. Text by Murilo Mendes.


Hunter Davies, A Walk Along the Wall: A Journey Along Hadrian’s Wall, London: Dent, 1974.

Exhibition Catalogues (solo)

Li Yuan-chia, Punto 1, Milan: Galleria Cadario, 1963.

Giulia Veronesi,  Li Yuen-chia: Antologia di Punto: 5 [sic], Milan: All’Insegna del Pesco d’Oro, 1965.

Li Yuan-chia, London: Lisson Gallery, 1967 (designed by Li Yuan-chia; also includes a four-page detachable Points multiple and poems by Li, and two poems by David Medalla).

Li Yuan-chia, Multiples, London: Lisson Gallery, 1968 (text by Nicholas Logsdail).

Li Yuan-chia, Boothby, Cumbria, 1968 (designed and printed by Li Yuan-chia; includes poems and texts by the artist).

Who are you…, Boothby, Cumbria, 1969 (designed and printed by Li Yuan-chia; includes poems by the artist).

Li Yuan-chia,  Golden Moon Show, London: Lisson Gallery, 1969.

Li Yuan-chia,  Water + Colours = 56/7 = Li Yuan-chia, Cumbria: LYC Museum, 1977 (designed and printed by Li Yuan-chia and includes the artist’s autobiography).

Li Yuan-chia, Bologna: Galleria Paolo Nanni, 1998 (facsimile edition of two ink-painted folding books by Li Yuan-chia with an introduction by Dino Gavina).

Li Yuan-chia: tell me what is not yet said. inIVA. London. 2000. ISBN1-899-846-23-9.

Viewpoint. A Retrospective of Li Yuan-chia. Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Taiwan. 2015. ISBN978-986-04-6148-0.

Exhibition Catalogues (group)

The Other Story: Afro-Asian Artists in Post-war Britain, London: Hayward Gallery, 1989. Rasheed Araeen.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum: Catalogue of Collections 1991-2. Taipei: Taipei Fine Arts Museum.1991.

Chemical Traces: Photography and Conceptual Art. 1968-1998. Kingston upon Hull: City Museum and Art Galleries. 1998. David Alan Mellor.

LYC Press Publications

Begin Again. A Book of Reflections and Reversals. dom sylvester houédard. Brampton. LYC Press, 1975 (intro Stefan Themerson).

Flower Tales. Winifred Nicholson. LYC Press, 1976.

Norma Wagner.Brampton. LYC Press, 1980.

Wall – Four Poets – Four Artists, Brampton: LYC Press, 1981.

Note: The LYC Museum & Art Gallery produced catalogues for every artist who exhibited at LYC Museum and Art Gallery. The Press also produced three issues of LYC Arts – one in 1976 and two in 1980 – a magazine of children’s art and poetry, and a number of annual diaries, some of which contain texts by Li Yuan-chia and others. All these publications were to the same 14 x 14 cm format.

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Selected Online References

Cumbrian Cosmopolitanisms, Hammad Nasar. British Art Studies. Issue 12, May 2019.

Wallpaper Magazine, 3 Nov 2020. Haegue Yang’s fantastic beasts descend on Tate St Ives, 2020

Selected Chinese References in Newspapers and Journals

Yingying Lai, ‘Li Yuan-chia, 1929 – 1994’, Years Antique and Gallery Magazine, 1995.

Beatrice Gysen-Hsieh, ‘A Silenced Rebel’,  Art of Collection, September 1997.


Solo Exhibitions


Galleria Numero, Florence, Italy


Galleria La Colomba, Bologna, Italy


Antologia di Punto: 5, All’Insegna del Pesce d’Oro, Milan, Itlay


Cosmic Point, Lisson Gallery, London, UK

All & Nothing Show, Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, London, UK


Cosmic Multiples, Lisson Gallery, London, UK

Pavilions in the Parks, London, UK

Studio Exhibition, Boothby, Brampton, Cumbria, UK


Golden Moon Show, Lisson Gallery, London, UK


Water + Colour = 56/7 = Li Yuan-chia, LYC Museum, Banks, Cumbria, UK


Li Yuan-chia, Galleria Paolo Nanni, Bologna, Italy


Li Yuan-chia: tell me what is not yet said. Camden Arts Centre, London, UK and touring to Abbott Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Kendall and Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels. Curated by Guy Brett. Organised by inIVA, London. (cat)


Viewpoint. A retrospective of Li Yuan-chia. Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan


Spotlight on: Li Yuan-chia. Richard Saltoun Gallery, London, curated by Dr. Diana Yeh


Li Yuan-chia. Tate St. Ives, a room curated by Haegue Yang to accompany her solo exhibition there.

Selected Group Exhibitions


National Arts and Calligraphy Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan


IV & V Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Ton-Fan, Taipei, Taiwan; New York, USA


Anno 62 , +’venster, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

(included among others, Fontana, Calderara, Hsiao Chin, Morellet, Soto, von Graevenitz, and the Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel)


Punto 1, Galleria Cadario, Milan, Italy


Soundings Two, Signals Gallery, London, UK


3 + 1: Hsiao Chin, Ho Kan, Li Yuan-chia, Pia Pizzo, Signals Gallery, London, UK


Little Missenden Festival, Buckinghamshire, UK


Popa at Moma – Pioneers of Participation-Art, MOMA, Oxford, UK


Art Spectrum North, Laing Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


The Other Story: Afro-Asian Artists in Post-war Britain, Hayward Gallery, London, UK


Chemical Traces: Photography and Conceptual Art 1968-1998, City Museum and Art Gallery, Kingston upon Hull, UK